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Every musician’s goal is to share their gift and passion with the world. Fangtasia Music’s goal is to help you get heard and sell your music. Everywhere.

With our global music distribution services, your music will be available on all major digital music stores and streaming platforms, such as iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Shazam, Deezer, Google Play, YouTube, and many more.

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Music +

  • Distribute one Single and one EP or Album
  • Set iTunes Price for your releases
  • Setup iTunes preorder
  • Upload your iTunes booklet
  • EAN/UPC Codes included
  • Audio ISRCs included
  • 20% Digital sales commission
  • Promo of your releases on our social media channels

How It Works

1.- Read our specifications sheet.

2.- Make sure that all your music files, metadata, and cover artworks comply with the above requirements.

3.- Order our Music+ package: This will entitle you to have one Single and one EP or Album distributed to all major digital music stores and streaming platforms.

4.- Along with our confirmation email, you will also receive a link to fill out a Google form. There you will be able to upload your artwork, songs, metadata and set the desired release dates.

5.- We will review and upload all files to our system. In case some files do not comply with the requirements, we will contact you with specific instructions on what to change.

6.- Once everything is ready, your music will be sent to the music platforms.

7.- On the day of the release, we will add your selected song to one of our Spotify genre-specific playlists.

8.- You will receive sales reports every month (around the 20th of each month). You can cash out once your balance reaches € 25.00

9.- Payment to you will be via Paypal.


"Good distribution service.

Professional treatment.

Excellent contacts in their field."


Odín Ruiz, Guitars / Vocals, Odinkrsna

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