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Marketing is a fundamental element of any record release. Whether your following is big or small, it is important to introduce your release to your fans and try to attract new listeners. Making phenomenal music produced with the best audio can only get you so far: if no one knows it is out there, no one will listen to it.

We have created some promo packages that will help you reach new audiences and spark interest from media outlets.

We write press releases, music articles, reviews or interviews. We find interesting and engaging angles to entice readers. All content created by us includes a photo of your band, links to your social media profiles and online stores where your music is available. It is also published on our music blog and included in our corresponding monthly newsletter.

We reach out to relevant media outlets. Options include online radio stations, music magazines, blogs and other music websites. The goal is to try to get as many reviews, interviews, articles or mentions as possible. All media outlets will be relevant to your music style, which means that our marketing efforts will be fully targeted. Please be aware that, while we send all information to the media outlets, we cannot guarantee that they will publish your content, as we do not have editorial power over what they talk about.

We add your music to our Spotify playlists. Spotify is the heavy-hitter in the music marketing world. Playlists are crucial in spreading your music to new potential fans. Fangtasia Music has created its own series of playlists, providing you access to the perfect promotional tool to get your songs noticed. Our playlists will grow over time and become increasingly relevant. We promise you that.

How It Works

1.- Order the package of your choice.

2.- After completing the check out process, you will be redirected to a page that will ask you to fill out a Google Form and upload some band photos

3.- Once we have received all the required information, we will start working immediately to finish your order as soon as possible.

4.- The regular turnaround for this kind of service is 7 days. We are usually faster, but we prefer to have some extra time to make sure we deliver everything on time.

5.- You will receive a draft version of all content created by us. You will have the chance to review it and ask for modifications.

6.- Once you are happy with the result, we will publish either the article or the review (your choice) on our music blog. One week later (or at your requested date) we will publish the second piece. This will give more continuity to the marketing efforts and will give you one more excuse to make noise about your band or release.

7.- To deliver your band information to the media outlets, you will be asked to choose what type of outlets you want us to target (internet radio stations, music blogs, music magazines, music websites, etc). You can choose a mixture of different types to have variety or you can choose to target only one type. It is your choice. 

Please note that we cannot control what media outlets publish/broadcast, or do not; therefore, we cannot guarantee any particular number of mentions or plays. We will, however, forward you any responses, confirmations, or requests for interviews or for more information so that you can answer to them directly.

8.- If you ordered one of the packages that include free music distribution or free video distribution, we will send you all relevant information to upload all required files to release your video or audio products.

9.- If you ordered the Premium package, we will contact you to schedule your consulting session.


Our prices are below and are the same for everyone. The full price for the package is payable in advance, and once payment is made, there are no refunds.

Premium Marketing Package

  • One 450-word article on your band
  • One 450-word review of your latest Single, EP or Album
  • Reach out to at least 30 media outlets
  • Free digital distribution of your next Single, EP or Album to music stores
  • One 10-question interview with your band
  • One marketing strategy consulting session on Skype
  • Free digital distribution  of your next video to Vevo

Most Popular!

Standard+ Marketing Package

  • One 350-word article on your band
  • One 350-word review of your latest Single, EP or Album
  • Reach out to at least 25 media outlets
  • Free digital distribution of your next Single or EP to music stores
  • One 7-question interview with your band

Standard Marketing Package

  • One 350-word article on your band
  • One 350-word review of your latest Single, EP or Album
  • Reach out to at least 20 media outlets
  • Free digital distribution of your next Single to music stores

Basic Marketing Package

  • One 250-word article on your band
  • One 250-word review of your latest Single, EP or Album
  • Reach out to at least 10 media outlets


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