Music Marketing

Get More Listeners

Marketing is a fundamental element of any record release. Whether your following is big or small, it is important to introduce your release to your fans and try to attract new listeners. Making phenomenal music produced with the best audio can only get you so far: if no one knows it is out there, no one will listen to it.

How We Help You

We are in touch with music retailers. When you distribute your music through us, we do retail marketing with the music platforms and tell them about your releases. This increases your chances of getting your music noticed and featured.

We write press releases, music articles, reviews or interviews. We find interesting and engaging angles to entice readers. All content created by us includes a photo of your band, links to your social media profiles and online stores where your music is available. It is also published on our music blog and included in our corresponding monthly newsletter.

We reach out to relevant media outlets. Options include online radio stations, music magazines, blogs and other music websites. The goal is to try to get as many reviews, interviews, articles or mentions as possible. All media outlets will be relevant to your music style, which means that our marketing efforts will be fully targeted.

We add your music to our Spotify playlists. Spotify is the heavy-hitter in the music marketing world. Playlists are crucial in spreading your music to new potential fans. Fangtasia Music has created its own series of playlists, providing you access to the perfect promotional tool to get your songs noticed. Our playlists will grow over time and become increasingly relevant. We promise you that.


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